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The Other Person is YOU!

By Siri-Gian Kaur

Since the theme of this year’s Summer Solstice is Recognize the Other Person is You, Yogi Bhajan’s first sutra of the Aquarian Age, there is a whole lot of buzz being generated on this idea these days. We are all doing our best to understand it and practice the Master’s direction.

But I have to tell you that I start with a few caveats. The first thing is when we say “the other person,” we are not just talking about friends and family that we would be most happy to be one with. But in truth, we are talking about the whole gamut of human consciousness that could include those of the “other political party,” unfortunate victims of all kinds of ugliness, as well as the perpetrators of war, rape, incest, those with viscous mental disorders and so on. Yogi Bhajan did not leave out any category of “other persons.” Yikes!

So, from my observations as a long-time healer and teacher, we spend lots of time and energy separating ourselves from those that we believe have hurt us and may possibly do the same in the future. We seek safety in separation. And we often put a lot of energy into enforcing that separation or disconnection with judgment, running away or hiding, dissociation from reality, “get them before they get me,” broken-down heart, feeling lost, unloved and unsupported, etc. Understandable.

But the big problem here is that separation or disconnection hurts really, really bad. Disconnection from your Self, from the world in general, from others who have hurt you, from those that you fear may hurt you, from those that you judge to be dangerous in any way—which includes anything from possible rejection to downright open animosity really slices you apart. Of course, experience of abuse in any form—originating in this lifetime or others can lay down the energetic tracks for this self-defeating, repeating cycle of perception, fear and pain, no matter what the reality of the situation is.

Any feeling of disconnection or separation on any level creates deep pain, depression, loss of sense of belonging to this world and the greater humanity. You may begin to wonder why the heck you had to come to this God-forsaken place by taking rebirth anyway. 

Transforming that pain so that we can open ourselves to the Real Truth that is truly us, and has always been us is called HEALING! That is what healing is all about—to transform the prickly layers so that the actual Light of Who we are can shine without limit. It’s a process that occurs over time. If you want to know more about that extraordinary karmic process, please go to www.SoulAnswer.com/karma.html .

Now, as you may know, I teach folks how to listen to their very own Soul, their God Self. That is the Universal Consciousness as it projects as the very most unique YOU! We learn to do that in our online/tele-course called “INTUITION TRAINING: The Art of Soul Listening!” www.SoulAnswer.com/intuition.html . Or quickly seewww.SoulAnswer.com/soul.html .

In listening to the responses from so many people’s Souls, I have found that the voice from each one is the same! OMG! What a revelation that has been. Always folks’ Souls are so very loving, cozy, non-judgmental, patient and Present. Soul’s most often spoken direction to people—without any leading on my part is “RELAX!” Imagine! It never berates us, or gets mad, is not dictatorial or judgmental. It simply, most generously gives us love as we can open ourselves to it through healing our pain and separation on every level.

So, my big realization over the years is that we are all projections of the very same Soul! And when we heal our pain with all of our incredible healing tools such as mantra, meditation, kriyas, exploration of the Truth from personal experience with Soul, and so on, then we actually allow our barriers against our own Soul, which in fact is the Soul of All, then the walls of separation at that most primal level come tumbling down. You already know this experience because you have that awareness of expanding Light by the end of every Kundalini Yoga class.

I have seen folks on my healing table so many times finally come to that most visceral experience of actually being their own Soul, that is the most Universal and loving Consciousness that is way beyond connecting to All, because it most simply and kindly is ALL. They are fully relieved of their separation because they actually experience their own Sat Nam, their own Identity as the Source of Truth in a very palpable way.

Now, once you have that experience, you KNOW there is no separation from anyone or anything. In that Consciousness, you kindly experience that “the other person is YOU!” You can feel it. There are no barriers. You have the experience of pure compassion. You learn that your very own Soul or Source of you is projecting in so many ways in this great play of Light and Dark—dark being the apparent hiding of the Light. You begin to appreciate that it is not you who is in charge of this whole Earthly show, but rather each person is of the same Source playing their part. As Guru Nanak says in the 34th pauri of Japji Sahib:

“The Earth was established as a place where Spirit could evolve into a Conscious Awareness of Itself.” [i]

Now of course, this is the short description of the spiritual path of healing our darkness of pain and separation to really comprehend that reality. Once we get that, we realize that everyone is truly the very same Source Consciousness but at different stages of evolution that we cannot judge.

I was always struck when people asked Yogi Bhajan if they should try to convert people to this great path of evolution that he was teaching. He always said, “No, everyone has their own timing and will reach that Union at some time.” What genuine respect he had for this karmic evolution! So, I would suggest that instead of being judgmental and trying to cut others out of the pack who are seemingly not like you, instead we RELAX in the very meditative center of our heart, to realize—to truly experiment with the vibes of our True Self, and then feel the very central vibes of any other person to determine Soul to Soul if in fact your Soul’s vibes in any way resemble the vibes of the other person at their core. That experience is way deeper than their “everyday evolutionary self’s” play of darkness or freedom from darkness, which is the pure experience of Light!

So, here we are making a full circle.

Once you get that genuine knowing of Soul within yourself and the very realization that the “Other Person is You,” how do you deal with their apparent everyday crappiness, which is their darkness playing out in this evolutionary karmic container of time and space? The first step of course is to respect their own evolutionary course over lifetimes.

You have experienced that you are the same Source acting out on each other for very specific reasons that may be known only to your Soul Consciousness. You have the humility to realize that you have done just the same things as that other person is doing now. And you know that their actions are just what you need to spur you to face your own healing challenges! 

Instead of getting rocked out of your “Center,” or what is also known as the Soul Space, or Shuniya, etc., and falling back into your own pain, fear, separation by their actions, you conscientiously hold that vibratory rate, that very real feeling of Soul within yourself and let it vibrate with their Source vibration, even though they have no idea of what is happening. You may find that as you do that, the other person seems to subtly and miraculously change for the better. Do NOT lose your center! And if you do, just say, “Whoops!” and jump back in it by using your long, deep breath and meditative consciousness.

So, finally we come to the question of what to do if another person’s crappiness is trying to squash you or others. Do you let them just walk all over you because you know that the other person is you and you are humbly paying your karmas?

On the contrary. 

You have heard of boundaries? This is an incredible way of protecting not only the integrity of your own Soul space, but theirs as well. You listen to your Soul to determine what your appropriate boundaries are with this other person, and then present them in a way that the other person can hear them. And you maintain those boundaries out of respect for both your and the other person’s evolutionary process.

For instance, when the Mogul army was killing everyone who refused to convert to their religion, Guru Gobind Singh’s comparatively small band courageously took up arms against that aggression to protect each person’s right to follow their own Soul! Now of course, your method of creating boundaries may be as subtle as just that “look.” Or you may outline what the other person may or may not do to protect your boundary, or that of some person in need. That is how you protect the Truth and integrity of your “Soul Space” as well as that of the “other” person so they are contained and not abusive. Just listen to Soul to determine how to go about it. What incredible, surprising wisdom Soul will give you! I can assure you of that.

What a mind-boggling realization it is to truly experience that “The Other Person is YOU!” and live to that principle. It surely is life-changing for the better!

Lots of Love,

Siri-Gian Kaur

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[i] This translation is from Ek Ong Kaar Kaur’s Japji Sahib, Song of the Soul. To get it, please contact her at [email protected]

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