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The 2nd Sutra Mantra: A Personal Story

By Jaap Kaur

I was 25 and really seeking answers to life. I was desperate. It took me 5 months to get a meeting with Yogi Bhajan. I had 3 pages of questions about life and I knew he had the answers.

At 25 I was exhausted. I had read just about every spiritual book I could find. I tested and tried every spiritual path I could find, and found myself still feeling at zero.

I sat down before him and said, "I have some questions."  

He said, "Oh, I know, ask every single one of them."

I said, "It will take a while."

He said, "I have time."

I said, "First of all, I am really tired, exhausted, sad, and at a loss-at a soul level."

He said, "You have had over 150 lifetimes as a yogi, sitting in caves, wearing a loin cloth, but you did not do it. This time you are going to do it!"

I said "Do what? How could I possibly waste 150 years of time? Look sir, I don't know how to do this Human thing. I don't know how to be a yogi and live here on this earth and deal with all this earthly stuff. I can't take it anymore."

He said, "Aad Such, Jugad Such, Hai Bhay Such, Nanak Hosee Bhay Such. Do it. You will have the most perfect Destiny!"

I said "I can't do this. I am scared; I'm not sure of what, but I have a deep sense of terror."

He said, "Do Jaap Sahib for 40 days. It does not matter if you don't know what it means or how to pronounce it. Just do it. Your fear will go."

That was 22 years ago. I did Jaap Sahib for 40 days and I have been doing the Aad Such, Jugad Such meditation every day, twice a day since he gave it to me. He told me to do it 31 minutes in the morning and 31 minutes at night. It removes blocks, it keep you in the flow of life. It is so powerful.

I received a key that day, just as you are receiving that same key today. Use it--you will be amazed at what it can do! The one thing that I have learned is that no one can turn the key for us. This is something we can only do ourselves, for ourselves.

Sat Nam,Jaap Kaur Khalsa Gardner, serving as CEO of 3HO

Ad Such, Jugad Such, Hai Bhay Such, Nanak Hosee Bhay Such

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