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Teen Survival Camp Survey Results

3HO recently sent a survey out to the community to see what the interest would be for a 3HO Teen Survival Camp, and what 3HO would need to do in order to produce this camp.

We received over 70 responses. Thirty percent of the responses came from our European 3HO family.

We found that, overall our community sees that having a teen camp is important and needed. Some of the main questions that came up for parents are:

1. When will the camp be held?

2. Will there be sufficient supervision for the teens?

3. Will the teens be able to handle whatever environment they will be in successfully?

4. Will the teens get enough rest?

5. Can we produce a teen camp in all of our 3HO communities around the world?

We plan to take the feedback and questions we received and continue to refine what a successful camp would look like, and we will not be producing a Teen Survival Camp this year

Harimandir Singh Khalsa, who lives in Espanola, New Mexico, is the is gathering feedback, support and resources so that we can someday bring back Yogi Bhajan’s Teen Survival Camp. Harimandir Singh is a proud Teen Survival Camp participant in his younger days, and is passionate about doing whatever he can to help our current teens have this experience.

If you are able to contribute in any way, please reach out to Harimandir Singh at: [email protected].

We want to encourage all of our 3HO communities to step forward in manifesting a Teen Survival Camp in your area,

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to respond and fill out the survey.

May we continue to support, love and nurture our youth in reaching their highest destiny!