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‘Low Points’ in Chronic and Critical Illness and What to Do


By Guruatma Khalsa, re-posted from her Blog

What to do when we’re at a really low point along the long, drawn-out path of our healing journey, feeling so disappointed that we lose faith and honestly don’t how we’re going to cope if things don’t improve?

The only way I know to answer that is by sharing my own experience and a letter I wrote to someone challenged by a critical illness who’s flying alone to another city for a doctor’s consult:

Try to recognize and see it as a test, the test of your soul walking you through this life for the purpose of s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g you beyond the ‘little me’ in you.

You’re being prompted (booted is more like how it really feels) to go to the highest part of your Self and refer to that which is bigger than your ego’s desires.

You will find a way to meet this seemingly-endless challenge.

Recognize that it’s your ego’s desire that’s driving you – know that it’s normal for the ego to to be in judgment but, you are not your ego. Your ego and your mind are your servants.

Do your best to scootch your feelings off to the side and focus on the moment (the only place where you actually have control). Command your domain and hold the space of your grace - that’s enough work for you, today.  

I feel your pain and loneliness. 

May you pass this day finding something to be grateful for along the way.

May the light of your presence bless those you come in contact with. 

May things go smoothly for you, today and may you be served with grace and respect, and may you feel comforted by those who love and support you and are with you in spirit.

Once again, let me share this formula with you – you know I use it when I’m freaking out or are in some way disgruntled, disgusted, feeling blocked or not satisfied – I live on it!

Break it apart, apply it to where you’re at and take care of yourself – get on with the task of controlling your mind.

"This is the key to training the mind. Use the mind to project to, and stay at a point beyond the mind’s nature. When the mind stays with the self-illumined soul within you, then all pains and suffering disappear, and your presence radiates and works. If you train your mind by confronting your ego and desires, it only causes pain. Train your mind by directing it to confront your unlimited soul. The mind will be elevated, and you will be elevated. The consistent projection and training is called a permanent state of bliss." -Yogi Bhajan, The Mind, p. 56.

I so hear you and affirm you when you say, “I honestly don’t know how I will cope if things can’t be improved.” 

On the same note, I hear and affirm the truth – you are more than that. You are a soul on a journey. You are a spirit, and a highly-conscious one at that. And you have everything you need to meet this challenge – inside of you and outside, too, which includes all those who have the privilege of walking this difficult path with you.

Remember your mantra for reversing the bombardment of negative thoughts: 

Ek Ong Kaar Sat Gur Prasad, Sat Gur Prasad, Ek Ong Kaar – MOVE it across your thought patterns, your worries and fears.  Be with it and keep weaving it through your psyche, through your being and experience of this day.

You’re doing a good job of facing all this and I respect your ‘keep up’ spirit.

Thanks for reaching out and including me in your process.

I am with you in spirit.

Sat Naam

Guruatma Kaur has walked through the long, dark night of the soul. Although she had support coming in from many directions, she knows how it feels to suffer though the intense loneliness that can accompany a chronic or critical illness. Guruatma currently lives and teaches in Houston, Texas, but her clients are spread all over the globe, thanks to the world-wide web. She works with people suffering from many different chronic and critical illnesses and traumas, offering her time-tested yogic tools from her website as well as private consultations. For all those who are suffering from illness, Guruatma stands out as a victor and a light in the darkness, showing the way to make it through, giving step-by-step instructions, support and encouragement. http://yogic-tools.com/