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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Wealth Equals Open Mind and Open Heart

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan, December 29, 2002

This life, like an ocean, has waves which are sometimes forty feet, sometimes six feet, and other times they are little waves. They touch the shore. It is a continuous process and it moves with the moon and the axis movement of the Earth.

Similarly our waves as humans move in the excellence of our spirit. Some people do not understand what the spirit and the soul can do for them. They simply know they exist; they do not know why they exist, what makes them exist, and what the purpose of this existence is. This is what brings us to tell lies, cheat, or be hypocrites. We feel that money is wealth—that is not true. Wealth means character, characteristics, straightforwardness, honesty, courage—these are all values. This is all called wealth. We gather together money with the idea that what we cannot get otherwise, we will buy. Well, you cannot buy courage, you cannot buy character. This is what humans have failed to learn.

Technically, it is correct that we are born to achieve our life. This karma is going on and some are very rich and some are very poor. There is no equilibrium because there is no security to keep the equilibrium. Equilibrium does not belong to the wish of the individual. It’s the collective will of the people. There are some people who cannot talk truth, who are not open, not straightforward; they are as closed as their books are, as closed as their minds are. Some do not and cannot and will not live with each other, because they say, “Our chemistry doesn't match.”

The fact of life is that man is a social animal. We need to understand that in the Infinite sense of existence, we have to exist with each other, no matter what. Love is not lost between two people if they forgive and forget, and are kind, compassionate, and caring. This will give them wealth—wealth and happiness.

Our every act counts, our every word matters. Our life is not limited to the sense that we have passed or failed. We have lost in life—and this loss is a permanent loss—if we do not rise for tomorrow and make ourselves valuable and help others, serve others, talk to others, open people’s minds and hearts, share their dreams, and serve them one way or the other, as we can. That will be very pleasant to everybody’s soul.

Life is spirit. The soul that teaches life, the moment it leaves, no weight is lost, you are gone. You are [here] as long as your spirit is, and as long as your soul is. Every day is a day of challenge: how much good have I done today? How kind was I? How many people have I inspired? How many people have I brought to laughter? How many people have I satisfied that they felt alive again? These things matter in life; they are what life is. They are the reality, and they are the religion, and they are the person and personality for which we are human.

Say you become the richest person, then what? What can you do? You cannot eat unlimited chapatis when you are hungry! But you can be good to an unlimited strength. You can do some good with your existence. You can be kind and compassionate to your children, give them guidance and give them love to make them follow you.

Some people are very unfortunate; they think if they are not secretive, they are going to lose everything. They are not going to lose anything! God gives to those who are open-minded and open-hearted.

Let God come in and prosperity come in. Let God always bless you.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan

Published in Aquarian Times, May/June 2008