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Kundalini Yoga Teachers Support Chilean Earthquake Relief Work

By Guru Jiwan Kaur, Chile 

During the month of August 2011 the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association of Chile (APKY) Competitive Fund convened the first “Solidarity Action for the Earthquake-affected areas.” This was an open call for support of Kundalini Yoga teachers, healers, and organized groups who were providing services to communities that are still greatly affected by the earthquake and tsunami that occurred on February 27, 2010 in the central and southern regions of Chile. It is a privilege and a responsibility for APKY to make this call and to serve those who serve. We are currently collecting funds including contributions submitted by the 3HO Global Community community and KRI, and we join the network of support that arose spontaneously after the earthquake.

There were five very heartfelt projects submitted to us—some already underway and others just starting. A professional evaluation and assessment was carried out by a team of 7 people (all APKY teachers). Three projects were chosen:

- Langar Chile, located south of the earthquake zone (in camp Puertas Verdes, a small port, Pellines, Constitución, and Hualañé)

- Bio-reconstructing, located in the south of Chile (in the town of Carreras Cortas, Community of Chanco)

- Integral Therapies for personal development (in the town of Boyeruca Vichuquén)

These three initiatives will be developed between September and December 2010 and will benefit diverse groups of people. All of these programs integrate the technology of Kundalini Yoga in various ways (through classes, workshops, vegetarian diet, etc). In some cases, these tools are combined with other healing techniques, educational work, and other support appropriate to the context in which they are deployed.

We thank and congratulate all the candidates, and we encourage those projects that were not selected to continue their endeavors. Blessings to all the professional and volunteer work teams, and the people of the communities involved.

For more information email:

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Satya Amrit Singh: Remembered as a Selfless Servant

By Panch Nishan K. Khalsa, 3HO International Community Relations

Satya Amrit Singh of Chile passed away suddenly on October 26, 2010 at Miri Piri Academy in Amritsar, India. Satya Amrit was a bright, intelligent, and passionate young man who cared deeply for Mother Earth and all humanity. He worked in the NGO sector as an environmental educator and to improve the quality of people’s lives. He spent some months in Guatemala helping improve the quality of water and described situations where the water ran black. He talked about the importance of providing a healthy environment for children to grow up in and the importance of pregnant woman having clean water. He had a missionary spirit to help improve people’s lives where ever possible. As a young leader he represented an NGO during the international Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009. During this conference he had the opportunity to play music with Desmond Tutu.

During the recent earthquake in Chile, Satya Amrit played an important role in serving and bringing hope and healing to people in areas where everything was lost. He served as a community organizer as part of 3HO Chile. Satya Amrit brought enthusiasm, inspiration and exuberance to whatever he was doing. He will be remembered for his selfless service and longing to uplift humanity.