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The Power of Women’s Camp

By Stephanie Andrews

I learned at Women’s Camp that a woman is a very powerful creature. We set the tone for the whole family, and have the power to attract everything that is needed in life. All we need to do is to tune in to our source and set our intentions. At Women’s Camp we were given the homework to practice the meditation Hummee Hum Braham Hum, which means roughly, “We are we and we are God” every single day for a period of forty days and to observe what would happen.

When I came back home to my family, inspired from what I had learned at camp, I diligently began to do my homework. I practiced my meditation every day, which did not receive much support on the home-front. Both my husband and the boys constantly teased me about my “hum hum” noises, but I kept up.

Some time ago we were able to purchase a piece of property and our dream was that we were going to build our own house. Slowly, we pulled together enough to build the garage, which we then moved into and lovingly refer to as our gar-ouse.

The gar-ouse became the lone structure of our dream. We never quite got around to building any more. The funding never came together; nor did we find an architect to finish the plans; the energy around our dream home seemed very blocked.

So, I did my meditation homework and tried to keep my intentions very clear, and I said to the Universe, “I am stuck here and I need some guidance. Am I supposed to build this house or am I just supposed to let it go? Can you just give me an answer?”

Shortly, we received a piece of mail from the county planning office. We were, it said, in violation of such-and-such code, and if we did not submit plans and a schedule for their completion, we would lose our building permit completely.

Naturally we were quite freaked out. I immediately called the planning official to see if there was any leeway. When he answered the phone he sounded like the booming voice of God, “You are going to finish that house!” He was so direct and so clear I knew that I had to do it. I had to find the resources to complete this project.

Shortly afterwards, I ran into my neighbor, who told me that they were bringing an architect up to do some work for them, and what if she sent him by to see what he could do for us? That was excellent, definitely something I should take advantage of, but where was I going to get the money to pay the fellow?

Next morning, I went for a walk and ran into an old high school friend I had not seen in a long while. I had lent him a couple of hundred dollars way back when. He said to me, “You know, Stephanie, I was thinking about you recently, about how grateful I was that you helped me out when I needed it. I’m doing so well now—I wanted to pay you back.” And he handed me $600. Perfect.

Next, my husband found more work and some of his additional earnings will be able to go towards building the new house. And when I walked into my gar-ouse today, the completed house plans were there, waiting for me on the table! At camp, I had been told to observe the effects of the Hummee Hum Braham Hum meditation, and after watching everything fall into place, I see clearly how Women’s Camp is building my home.

Now my husband says to me, “Honey, do more of that hum hum thing.”

Stephanie Andrews comes from a family of eight and was raised in the tight-knit community of Humboldt County, California. She is a Doula, has studied Kundalini Yoga for five years, and has attended all three of the Women's Camps in her area.

Originally published in Aquarian Times, May/June 2006