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Swan Woman

By Dr. Sat Siri Kaur

The year was 1980 in Los Angeles, CA. I was 21 and living in the 3HO community by Guru Ram Das Ashram, where Yogi Bhajan taught evening classes twice a week. It was such a privilege to attend, learn and grow at his feet in the company of the sangat.

At that time we occasionally visited The Bodhi Tree—a nearby ‘new age’ book store. They had a special section in a small building out back with used books. 

One day I walked in and noticed there was a large, beautiful, shiny white satin swan on the top of a bookcase. She had legs and feet that dangled down when you picked her up and a couple of large swan eggs tucked in her body under her tail—quite amazing! 

She reminded me of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings on the different types of women (shaktis). It is a way to describe three levels of consciousness for a woman: elephant, deer, and swan. Swan woman or Hunsany is the most elevated of the three. I felt a loving devotional energy flow through me, inspiring me to purchase this representation as a gift for Yogiji.

I was earning a very modest income that didn’t easily allow for extra purchases. It was before the days of credit cards, but I was able to put the swan on lay-away, making payments to the store over time. When it was paid for I brought it to Yogi Bhajan’s class one night. Before heading out to class, I created a card to go with it. Tuning in for a moment, the poem below came through. 

At the end of class, when Yogiji unwrapped the gift, we all laughed as he delightedly played with the swan, discovering the egg under the tail. 

After he had someone read the poem he said, “Oh wow.  Some great omen has happened.”

Hunsany – Swan Woman

I walked into the store and what did I see?

A Beautiful Swan that was meant to be

A Gift from us unto thee.


And with this gift a prayer I wish to give

That all your daughters in Divine may live

Like this white swan with her beauty and grace

So that they may uplift the entire human race.


May each and every Shakti on this earth win

Through the process of discipline,

The consciousness of Hunsany or Swan Woman.

And like a swan with her beauty and grace

May we uplift the entire human race.


As the eggs in her womb remind us without a trace

May we BE divine mothers giving birth in every case

To saints, givers, and heroes for this time and space.

Like a swan with her beauty and grace

May we all uplift the entire human race.


Like the swan with her webbed feet and fine feather wing,

May we learn to be manifold in everything.

May we never ever forget our songs, may we sing

Like a white swan with her beauty and grace

May we live to uplift the entire human race.

© Dr. Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa 2015

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Dr. Sat Siri Kaur Khalsa is a licensed holistic chiropractic doctor, intuitive healer, and teacher. She began intensively studying and practicing daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation at age fifteen. While still in high school, her yoga teacher requested that she teach her first Kundalini Yoga class.

After two decades working as a trained chiropractor, Dr. Sat Siri’s approach has advanced to one that now utilizes an extremely subtle and very effective healing technology. She is intuitively guided, and with divine assistance, she opens to the vast and wondrous realm of both divine and human consciousness.

Sat Siri will assist you in healing and transforming all areas of your being and your life. She offers both One-on-One sessions by phone or Skype and Transformation Workshops in the realm of intuition and healing which facilitate increased awareness, sensitivity, and clarity.
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