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Appreciate the Gaps in Life

By Catalyst Yogi

“The law of balance is a law of applied consciousness. You can never change it. You will get one thing, you lose the other, you get a third thing, you lose the fourth. Always there will be a gap. The ‘law of gap’ is that there is no gap and how can that gap be filled? Be in gratitude. Make an attitude to be in gratitude, you will find the whole Universe will come to you.”
-Yogi Bhajan

The Universe is delivering to us a series of continuous human experiences which we call life. Like a conveyor belt, life is a constant flow of people, situations, and challenges. Have you noticed that this flow is significantly speeding up in the last couple of years?

The most challenging part in this flow of life is to see something go and live in that in-between space where the new thing has not appeared yet. It is like the gap between the exhale and the inhale. All the air is out but will that inhale come?

This can create great panic, anxiety and fear within the mind. The mind does not like gaps. The mind wants to fill in that gap with a million and one fantasies of what it thinks it needs and wants. The mind will create stress to prompt you to go out and fill in the gap. For example, you lose your job and the mind pressures you with fear thoughts to go out and hustle and hassle for any job in order to fill the gap. These gaps are becoming more and more frequent as we move into the Aquarian Age. This is the emptiness that Yogi Bhajan often spoke about when he referred to this new age.

So when faced with the gap in your life, whatever it may be, wait and cultivate patience. It is the law of the Universe that the new will appear. There is no such thing as a vacuum (gap) in the Universe. This gap is incredibly creative and chaotic, like the stirrings of the infinite potential of creation found within the primordial murk. This is the moment between the form and the formless, the silence between the thoughts, and the pause between the words.

It is best to appreciate and value the gaps in your life—you are witnessing the magic of the Universe. One moment something exists, and POP—it is gone. POP—something else appears to take its place. It is the higher frequency quantum field that we each live in. There is a natural organizing principle and perfect timing for all things that underlie all of life.  

In the Aquarian Age, you can absolutely depend on life. Life is taking away what no longer serves your evolution, and delivering exactly what you need to move forward. When you connect to the frequency of gratitude in these precious in-between moments, you are aligning to your expanded Self. Gratitude is allowing yourself to flow with life and aligning yourself with harmony and the interconnectivity of all things.

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