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Occupy as a Spiritual Warrior

Sat Nam!

So, it's 10 days away from 11.11.11... And I'm afraid to break it to you... but the world is still... cozily sleeping...

There's a global revolution of consciousness happening right now... right here... on our land... and across the entire globe. This is the time we have all been waiting and training for... The time is now to make the connection to our deepest destiny... and take action... Because the Aquarian Age is RIGHT HERE.

But the truth is... I'm afraid to take the leap as much as you are... and it's because we're not living up to our highest potential and overcoming our fears on a day-to-day basis... We've gotten cozy... But that time for coziness is now over... we don't really have a choice... the world is at a tipping point, and it's going to need your positive energy for transformation... and that truly only can begin with the Victory of Spirit within you...

So tomorrow night, and every night until 11.11.11 we will be having special classes and teachers sharing the technology of Love, Fearlessness and Victory, right up to the day of 11.11.11, when we will have a full 11 hours day of yoga, guests, lectures, music and meditations for 11 hours... Classes, lectures, dancing, singing... Every hour, on the hour... From 11am to 11pm!!


ONLY at Occupy Wall Street, New York... and where ever your local Occupy Movement is.

To make this possible, we need people to get out the word... And we need service, and help. Building community in New York one of THE hardest things to do... Because we all have our super fast pace, our commitments, distractions and resistances... But imagine if WE got together, what WE could do in the spirit of building something new, and build an event right here... just the way WE want to.WE are the creators of our destiny... From now, until we die, we cannot let that be in anyone's hands.

This Wednesday we will be filming video of our class, and we have a special guest teacher coming to lead us... AND we need you to come out and fill out the space so we can have a great video to launch on 11.11.11

Let's start by getting inspired to come this Wednesday (11/2) at 6pm to join and hear a presentation on the Occupy Movement from a spiritual warrior and teacher with 35+ years of experience in personal commitment and spiritual revolution, our guest teacher, Harinam Singh. http://web.me.com/harinam56/Hari_Nam_Singh_Khalsa/Welcome.html

Wednesday Night @ 6pm at #OWS!

This will be followed by a planning meeting at 7:15pm to organize the events of 11.11.11 and plan out the day. If you know musicians, drummers, videographers, photographers, singers, dancers, fire-blowers, or even someone who can rattle a tambourine, spread the word, and ask them to join us on this special day! Please motivate and spread the word!

Let's make the impossible possible.


Twitter: @occupyyoga


Fateh Singh