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Prayer to the Divine Mother by Yogi Bhajan

Blessed mother, the Ashtibhujaa, the jananee, the divine, nursing and nurturing;

The source of all affection, love and courage;

The symbol of divinity, dignity and grace;

Reality among all non-realities, power among all the impotence, and glow against all darkness.

The destroyer of the demons, ill will and negativity,

Cleansing and purifying the strength of the self.

Oh Creative Mother, the giver of freedom and strength,

Give us joy and happiness today and dwell in us forever,

So we can serve the Earth in Thy grace, love humanity in Thy name, and reach the ecstasy for Thy sake.

Sat Nam.

-Yogi Bhajan, July 4, 1994

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan