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Summer Solstice: An Excellent Use of Your Time

By Tommy Rosen

By the grace of God I was led to the doorstep of my teacher, Guru Prem Singh Khalsa, some 9 years ago.  He turned me on to Kundalini Yoga and through the light of his consciousness, my body healed, my mind grew calmer and I learned how to move better through time and space.  Some time later, I started to hear about this thing called Summer Solstice and a powerful form of meditation called White Tantric Yoga.  During our next meeting I asked, “Guru Prem, do you think it would be a good use of my time to go to Summer Solstice?”  He looked into my eyes and answered plainly, “Yes, Tommy, I think that would be an excellent use of your time!”

Summer Solstice is a unique experience.  It is the most fun and powerfully transformative adult spiritual summer camp one can imagine. Each morning presents the opportunity for a full-blown Sadhana and musical concert from 3:30-6:00am together with well over a thousand people.  The gatherings and epic moments continue throughout the day and well into each night.  The community, support and love is tangible.  One feels literally held by the land, the people and the teachings.  And then of course, you have 3 days of White Tantric Yoga.  I will describe my experience to you like this:  White Tantric Yoga was the shower for my sub-conscious that my soul had been wanting me to take for my entire life.  It is a game-changer at every level and I believe that it must be experienced first-hand to understand it.  It literally changed the way I think and react to life.

This year will be my 7th Summer Solstice and I am humbled to share a workshop called “Let The Sunshine Out.”

The Aquarian Age is upon us and the big shift is on. It is so exciting to live in a time that has been anticipated for so long.  We have to realize what we are and live from the light of that Truth so that we can uplift all those we come into contact with and create the world we dream of.  We can no longer look for God outside of ourselves.  We have to experience God within us in every moment and let that sunshine out into the world.  Please come join me on this journey into our Truth.

Tommy Rosen is certified to teach both Kundalini Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. He is a leading authority on addiction and recovery with 20 years experience helping others to overcome addictions of every kind. He is one of the pioneers in the relatively new field of Yoga and Recovery, which utilizes yoga and meditation to help people to move beyond addiction and build fulfilling lives.

Tommy first found recovery through the 12 steps. Some years later, he hit several bottoms that compelled him to “look deeper.” His search led him to Kundalini Yoga where he found what he refers to as True Recovery. After turning that corner, he never looked back. Now, Tommy teaches yoga for recovery in Santa Monica and Venice and runs retreats internationally. He also teaches and speaks regularly at Yoga conferences and festivals such as the Wanderlust Festivals, Hanuman Festival, Bhaktifest and Leaders Causing Leaders.

His blogs have appeared in The Huffington Post, The Daily Love, Yoga Earth, Yoga Mint and Intent.com. He has also published articles in LA Yoga, Yogi Times and Aquarian Times. Tommy lives in love and gratitude with his wife, noted yoga instructor, Kia Miller, in Venice, CA. www.tommyrosen.com/yoga/