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90-Day Solstice Support Sadhana Begins Tomorrow May 5!

 We start our 90 Day Solstice Support Sadhana this Saturday, May 5, 2012, which is 5-5-5 numerologically and--a FULL MOON and just 40 days before Summer Solstice starts! This is a huge day for personal transformation (the number 5).  The planets and the times align to support our journey.

Here is what the Catalyst Yogi has to say about this auspicious day: This day (Full Moon in Taurus ) is also the time of the Wesak Festival (the Birth of Buddha) where many people gather in the valley of Tibet and on the etheric level to celebrate. It is said that the ones who raise their frequency to a higher level on this day will be supported to evolve into a greater level of awareness.  The number 5 also means transformation and there are three of them on this day!

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