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KundaLiving Themes: Send Us Your Stories

With our new 2013 monthly theme format, we woud like to invite you to send in your stories and blogs that relate to the themes--your experience and perspective about using the teachings of Yogi Bhajan. Send us blogs you have written or articles you are inspired to write and share with our 3HO family. We may feature your story on our blog and/or in Aquarian Times.  

Send your stories to Guru Tera Kaur, 3HO Web Editor.

Our KundaLiving theme for February is Authentic Relationships.

This month, with the romance of Valentine’s Day, we invite you to explore the yogic reality of love. It begins with finding yourself first, and then understanding the nature of loving another person. 3HO is grateful to share these tools with you, so that you can find success in relationship to yourself and to others.

We've included links below to information that may inspire you to write.  

KundaLiving February: Authentic Relationships (includes links to Yogi Bhajan study quotes, Kriya, and Meditation)

Authentic Relationship webpages

2013 Themes

January: Healthy, Happy, and Holy

February: Authentic Relationships

March: Radiant Beauty

April: The Capacity to Heal

May: The Power of Mantra

June: Join Us at Summer Solstice!

July: Sadhana

August: The Three Minds

September: Conscious Communication

October: Open the Doors to Prosperity

November: Seva - Selfless Service

December: Gratitude