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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: The Creative Family

Excerpts from a lecture given on 3/16/81

Twelve years have passed since we have had 3HO. I have been defining love to Americans. What is it? Love is an experience of selflessness within oneself. Nobody understands it. All they care for is sexual and sensual love: “I feel good with so and so, I feel bad with so and so, I feel.”

If you take feelings and zero them to a sensitivity of creativeness, you will be surprised that you are lying to your own self. There is no love, these are arrangements. Who is interested in you? Love means total interest, love means total creativity, love means total input. Who has that for you? Who has given you values? Who has given you character? Who has told you, “Stand for righteousness and I'll stand behind you”? Tell me—nobody.

The normal word is, don't take any stand; the normal American creative consciousness is, go along with the boss.

Family is very important; it shall always be important. But it's not important to Americans because Americans have lost the purity of the family. We are so naive and such idiots—we are letting our girls go and find boyfriends, and then find husbands, and then find out how to divorce.

We have messed up our whole family system. We have messed up our values of family. So we have [created] the missal system to serve, to bring, to establish the creative family—the family which is pure; which has problems and can solve them; which can stand and say, “I am a family.” The family which understands the dimension of family; which is not free to prostitute and pimp around; which does not practice ugly values, but something which is realistic and has some soul in it.

Do you understand the word family? Family means under all longitude and latitude we keep our nucleus together. That is a family.

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