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A Note to Adults who Contend with Past Childhood Trauma

By Narinder Kaur

“Talk to a child and the child's spirit, which is you. Show the child tomorrow that there is no sorrow. Straight, simple, heart to heart is how you should talk to a child and that lonely child in you. Talk heart to heart to your soul for your tomorrow.”
-Yogi Bhajan 10/16/1997

You are free from the trauma of the past already. You can walk forward easily now. The stories you repeat, like a skipping record, keep you barely scratching the surface of your potential. The world is waiting for your radiance. Put down the heavy words. Close that book.

What is being recorded on your subconscious when you tell the sad story again and again? Do you need to carry the pain of the past in your thoughts so that you have a place to hide in the here and now? Is it easier to fill uncomfortable silences with old wounds so as to avoid finding new words? You don’t need to cry out for someone to help anymore, you will be rescuing you. It is okay to change, it is essential to.

Are you seeking security in the familiarity the past can give, are you numbing discomfort by holding onto blame? Do you know you can stop running away from the hurt? It cannot catch you, but it will keep you if you do not let it go. Let it go!

“The past does not exist. Don't relate to it. You are the only one who can free yourself from the imaginary illusion of the past. Stop the indulgence.”
-Yogi Bhajan

Be free and fearlessly come out and live by the love of your Soul! Dear One, your mind created a game of hide and seek and it wins against you by cheating and repeating memories countless times. Who is telling the stories now? Tell them as you want to live them. Have you tried to speak positively about your life? Your life will manifest exactly the way you say it will. Choose your new words wisely. Listen to yourself, listen to your inner child. What do they want to do today?

Do you know this child? Don’t be afraid of your innocence and grace. It is kind and true. Your power is not in the identities you created in the past but in the power of your presence. There is room for your inner child’s joy now. Raise yourself! You are victorious! The You in you longs to tell the story. Are you listening?

Seeking the key to unlock the ball and chain of past pain, success is already guaranteed. You need only to Keep Up. Trauma does hide but it cannot hide from the power of your True Self. Speak of this Truth. The easy-way-out is an illusion too. Stay sober. Eat to live. Breathe deeper. Befriend those who uplift you. Be awake in consciousness. Sleep well. Attend White Tantric Yoga® for deep subconscious healing. Live by the light of your Soul. Do what you want to do. Play! Keep Up with your Sadhana and listen deeply as you chant Sat Nam, writing the new story of your tomorrow.

Narinder Kaur lives in Atlanta with her husband Brahamjot Singh. She is an artist, a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a Home Funeral Guide. www.twocrowsyoga.com