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Numerology for November 2016: Bless the Earth with Peace & Harmony

By Nam Hari Kaur

November has a near mystical quality in its power to reveal the roots of what is blocking our ability move forward in a clear and decisive way. Our higher self wants the clarity, while our commotional side may have a moment of rebellion. There is an intense duality at play, and this is occurring because of a uniquely unique numerical configuration this month.

We may never see the likes of this again.

In the Positive polarity, the number 11 is lofty and aligned with the higher vibrations of the Universe. Eleven represents the sound current of Infinity, and all the mantras can serve you magnificently at this time. Whatever you want, project it, chant it, and watch it happen.

However, in the Negative polarity, 11 is conflict and duality. This will be further intensified by the Base calculation for November which is 20 (Base is month 11 + year 9 = 20).

The number 2 is the “Longing to Belong,” and anywhere a person feels rejected or not appreciated will cause great distress. The reason I say “great” distress, is because the number Zero (2 and 0 = 20), is an amplifier. It amplifies whatever number it is connected to, for better or worse. What determines the better or worse is consciousness.

There is the potential for great personal healing and relief this month, or for continuing to keep writhing in agony from the clutches of the ghosts of the past. This is because the Heart number for November is a 9, and number 9 is way sentimental.

We will all feel swayed towards Memory Lane at times, as the double 9’s of the Heart number and Year (2+0+1+6=9) are at play. This “mental backwash” is meant to give you clarity into your present patterns, so you can break free. Number 9 represents completion, and we all really, really want to let the old stuff go.

Every calendar year has a spiritual challenge and a spiritual gift. The idea is to resolve the challenge, and bring the gift into the new year. The calendar year of 2017 is meant to be a time of expansion and achievement, and we are in the final fine tuning process so we may enjoy our presence and our experience on planet Earth.

Part of that potential for enjoyment comes from our ability to let go of the past, no matter how difficult it may be. There can be an almost illusionary quality to the intensity of our emotional interpretation of things, and yet so often that is our reality.

Let me share with you a personal anecdote of how I recently made a shift in perception for myself.

As a teenager, music was the mainstay of my existence. I couldn’t wait to get home from school and shelter away for awhile in my room, listening to my favorite record albums. Each album was like a life-raft, giving me something to cling to, holding fast against the prevailing current of despair and neglect. At the dinner table, surrounded by three people called “family,” I would sit in an aching isolation, thinking, “I can’t wait to get back to my room, my own world, so I can feel better for awhile.”

Neil Young was one of my favorite artists, and I was always so moved, so nurtured in a strange way, by a song of his called “Tell Me Why.” In it he sings,

“Sailing heart-ships through broken harbors, out on the waves in the night. Still the searcher must ride the dark horse, racing alone in his fright.”

It was me and Neil against the world, and nobody could sing it like him (as far as I was concerned)—until recently, when I came upon a gorgeous cover of this song by Norah Jones. Seeing a beautiful, exceptionally talented young lady sing this song with such a personal tone woven into the lyrics made me think, “No one is immune, we all go through hard times, and we are all so connected in this human experience.”

Part of the experience of November is that we want to be heard and feel validated for our views and opinions. We want to feel included and valued. Don’t make the mistake of ignoring or diminishing someone’s attempts to sort things out with you, because it could snowball into an avalanche by the end of the month. The unique combination of the double 9’s, combined with the 20 and presence of Zero, will create a force to be reckoned with.

We all know the election takes place this month, and no matter who wins, it’s going to be a mess for awhile. We are presently in a highly divided nation, and it will take some time for the hard feelings of the losing side to dissipate. When 9 goes negative, it can be ruthless. When 2 goes negative, it can be childish. We’ll get through this period, and your prayers for harmony and a gracious transition can help.

Consciously create a relationship between yourself and the electromagnetic field of planet Earth, home of Mother Nature. Every day, through your power of the word, bless the psyche of the planet with peace, harmony, and abundance. Feel the blessing you have created walking with you throughout the day, touching all you meet. Sat Nam.

“Mantra is the power of the word. It is the rhythm which creates the vibration. It is the vibration which moves the Universe. If you positively move the vibration, the world is yours.”
-Yogi Bhajan  7-14-87

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