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Traveling the Spiritual Path

By Kathe Forrest

Change—but what I wanted?                                          

No, but what I needed

Landscape of the mind in peace

Soul opening


Clear the arcline—set me free

I chant, I speak, I move

Strong, clear and connected

Soul breathing


Powerful breath sometimes brings pain

Unexpected tears

Found the issue loud and clear

Soul opportunity


3, 11, 31 minutes

Time brings focus and expertise

Keeping me centered as inner and outer worlds adjust

Soul peace


Set the intention and let it go

Ride the wave of transformation

Subtle and remarkable are possibilities

Soul Purpose


[Speaking of the arcline, try this one!

Meditation for the Arcline and to Clear the Karmas ]

Kathe Forrest/Siri Kirin is the author of The 40 Day Sadhana Companion: A Guided Journal (formerly titled Keep the Change). She is a mom, grandma called Nonni, yoga teacher, herbalist and nutritionist. She lives deep in the heart of Texas and volunteers through her local hospice and herb society. http://www.keepthechangenow.com/  http://nutritionconsults.weebly.com/