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Numerology for February 2019: Keep to the High Road

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of February brings a sparkling breath of fresh air and an awakened sense of possibility to us all. The number 2 represents the themes of relationships, harmony, balance, and the desire to connect with those who emanate a greater depth of emotional intelligence.

We want the dovetail fit of higher understanding, and we want to move forward in our life’s journey aligned with those who would support our dreams and aspirations.

There is a natural luckiness in this month for those who are willing to look outside the box and expand into new social arenas. An early spring fever in the air and the cosmic cross-pollination will be fast and furious! The higher Angelic realms are very specifically assisting here, because we presently need an upsurgence of conscious people working together for the greater good.

The number 2 of February also represents duality and our ability as individuals and collectively to resolve and move beyond our differences. The Sutra of the Aquarian Age that best defines this is: “Recognize the other person is you.” As you are in dialogue with someone, take a moment to consider if what you are proposing would feel right if you were in their shoes. What adjustments might need to be made so that everyone can walk away from the table feeling satisfied?

Your ability to achieve harmony and balance now is the best insurance policy for the coming months ahead. The overall year of 2019 holds great potential for our creative vision to unfold, and at the same time the months of March and April are both potentially conflictive in nature. Taking extra time to sift through the 50 pound sack of mung beans, and picking out all the little stones now, could save you a cracked tooth later.

Co-creation is one of the great themes of this year, and as you consider your options and choices for the people you might like to work with, know that you can’t go wrong in choosing one very specific partner, your spiritual ally. Choose one supportive influence from the ethereal realm, as in Guru Ram Das, Mother Mary, Saint Germain, or whoever you emotionally resonate with. Make a pact with this heavenly figure, as in,

“You and me, we’re doing this; you’ve got me covered and I am Blessed.”

The number 2 is the “Longing to Belong,” and this longing needs to be elevated to the frequency of the one who never leaves you. Make this alignment the bottom line for your emotional equilibrium, and know that your safety net is now set for the year ahead.

We have a very powerful start-up date for any new initiative, and that is the New Moon on February 4th, at 2:03 MST. If you can sit quietly with yourself at this time, and allow for a space of stillness and receptivity, there is a new information signal (a sign or clue) you can receive.

You can also set an intention by saying to creative forces of the Universe, “What is it that I need to know?” By dwelling in the Shunia space (Zero point of ego), you can receive a new insight and/or clarity into your present circumstances. This will give you the ability to make any necessary adjustments, as well as set a new direction for yourself.

The idea of a new direction can be as simple as, “I no longer doubt my gifts and talents, and the world is a welcoming place for me to step into my excellence.”

Okay, now that you’ve got your house in order, let’s take a look at the rest of the world!

The Base number for February is a 5, and number 5 is the “Wild Card” number in the science of Numerology. This will be affecting the weather patterns on the planet, as well as people’s behavior. Not everyone is as lucky as you and me, knowing all the mantras and yogic techniques that we love and cherish.

Some people just have MTV and Fruit Loops for breakfast, which is typically not a good start to the day—a bit lacking in essential nutrients and a positive projective psyche. So, having said that, you need to be aware of other’s reckless impatience when they are not getting what they want. It will get a bit crazy at times, so be careful when driving, particularly at night. Number 5 is communication, and this combined with the overall number for 2019, which is a 3―just know that things can get aggressive if not down-right ugly when someone is off-balance.

Read the signs, and escape it before it escalates. Remove yourself from the parking lot, go shopping another day. Cross the street if you see two approaching pit bulls that are snarling as they are being walked by their Neanderthal owner. Know when to graciously acquiesce when someone is challenging you to get through a doorway ahead of you. Say something like, “You seem to be in a hurry, please go first.” This can totally diffuse a subtle attack on your well-being. And ladies, this is especially true for you, because as women we have a double Arc Line. You cannot afford to let yourself get negatively impacted by mindless aggression.

Keep to the high road and gracious flow of your own existence, thereby avoiding any negative resistance. Know that you are protected, and through your conscious awareness, never neglected. You are a part of this world’s greater unfolding, about to receive what your Destiny is still holding. Sat Nam, and may kindness and good fortune light the path before you.

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