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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: We Cannot Live with our Isolation

Excerpts from a lecture given on August 28, 1996 in Espanola, NM

Man is a social animal, as Aristotle said. We have always tried to create society.

As we grow, the innocence, the love, the affection, the care we enjoy as a child, we need it more and more and all the time. And as life grows we become sad, depressed, angry.  We miss that care of the child. We do not remember or try to remember that we have lost our innocence; we have lost our openness; we have lost our vastness. We become rational; we reason and then we want to see where is the benefit, where is the loss, who is right, who is wrong, and in that judgmental attitude we also become judgmental to ourselves.

So you become isolated and try to only be in our own world as it fits us and whatever doesn't fit our bill, we have nothing to do with it. Then we become very emotional, attacking, very withdrawn and indifferent. We develop the pattern of our personality. Once we get caught by our basic pattern of personality, it's very hard for us to break.

We become so insensitive to others’ existence. All human characters are the outcome of our inability to recognize that we are adult. Don't try to blame and not blame, and try to be right or wrong, and try to be sensual and sexual, or corrupt or very Godly or whatever you want to call it. Basically the outcome of everything is the loss of the innocence. You will never recognize that we have lost it. It takes one second to regain.

Be open. Be straight and be yourself. It is easier to say than to be. So, there has to be some characteristics in which we can grow. We cannot live with our cold depression. We cannot live with our open denial. We cannot live with our isolation.

We cannot accept a teacher; we cannot accept a master; we cannot accept divine guidance. Therefore, there is an emptiness in our life and that emptiness we cannot fulfill. Because that emptiness is a calling of the soul, like a candle needs to be lit, and though the candle will be consumed, the soul will be redeemed and free. But the calling is there. You have passion, you have intelligence, you have intuition, you have maneuvering, but that's not what soul needs. Soul has a calling for itself. Soul needs another soul like the candle needs another candle. When the head meets the other candle, it starts burning at the same moment.

Every human needs to be awakened. Every soul needs to see the light and get rid of personal darkness. There is a maturity in it. There is a fulfillment in it. There is a joy in it. It's beyond existence, it's a reality, it's a royalty.

You are not in any other way but useless animals if you do not understand what your need is, what your hunger is. You are very, very hungry. There is a deep, deep, very deep hunger. Soul needs another soul. Soul doesn't need a soul mate for sex. Soul mate means soul needs another soul to be awakened, to be lit, to be burning, to be bright, to be glowing.

We are all source of each other. We all have a recourse to each other because we are all each other. One thing you have been taught wrong—that you are you. You were never you, you are never you, and you are never going to be you. You are all interlinked psyche.

Blessed are those who get it together to get it together. Together they join, meet, communicate and walk together. Blessed is the soul which sees all is God, and God within and without is together in consciousness. May we all live in peace and tranquility and grace. Sat Nam.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan