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Numerology Forecast for January 2020: The Universe has Your Back

By Nam Hari Kaur

Change is in the air, and everything will be changing! The month of January 2020 brings a new decade and a new spark of creative drive and vision. Opportunities are dancing around us like fire-flies in the air, and as we catch this light it will illuminate a new path for our life’s fulfillment.

The number 1 of January represents the themes of self-reliance, vision, and a balance of the energy between our head and heart. Any place in your life where you have been pressurizing yourself with the word “should,” will now seem intolerable. A shift towards self-compassion is essential, because many people are feeling in their heart, “I just can’t do it this way anymore, I need a way out.”

When the number 1 goes negative, it can be tyrannical, and sometimes we can be tyrannical to ourselves. The intensity of our childhood scripting can make it difficult to change, so let’s take a look at how to break free from being unkind to ourselves.

We all have an addiction on some level, whether it is a bad habit, the need for approval from others, anger as an only option, or wanting love from an unyielding parent. Addiction often rules our behavior and unconscious reactions. This is a limiting and self-defeating way to go through life.

An excellent meditation to practice and teach others this year is the meditation to heal addictions. It is a simple and straight-forward practice, as well as easy for beginners. We need to have “ready tools” with which to help people, as the increase of mental instability is the greatest threat to humanity at this time.

The number 1 represents courage—the courage to speak the truth and take right action. That right action can take many forms, and one of the biggest ways it will be affecting us is in our relationships—knowing what is your responsibility and what isn’t, is the new navigational compass. This is because we have now entered the number 2 decade, and number 2 is all about polarity, balance, and equilibrium. Do not engage in any endeavor where you put your equilibrium at risk. The last thing you want to be hearing yourself say is, “Damn it, I just knew it, why didn’t I listen to myself first?”

The number 1 of January asks us to determine where we can trust the environments and where we need to hold back or walk away. “Self-solidarity” is a theme of the number 1, and as much as it is nice when other people show up for us, know that the Universe has your back when you are balanced. This state of balance and internal equilibrium is the most precious commodity now. You can’t buy it, trade it, or sell it; you can only create it through your spiritual practice.

There is an underlying restlessness throughout January and this because we have the number 5 appearing in the Base calculation (month of 1 + year 2+0+2+0 = 5). When the number 5 shows up we want change, movement, and instant results! It is important to temper this restless or potentially reactive energy with the Neutral Mind. Interestingly, the overall number for 2020 is a 4, which is the Neutral Mind.

No sequence of thought will be successful till it reaches a neutral balance point. The Negative Mind sees the potential danger; the Positive Mind sees the potential positive outcome; and the Neutral Mind determines the most protected path.

Create a new habit by training yourself to think things through in this manner. You will have such an edge over the chaos happening on the planet if you can just simply keep your own mind and house in order.

You can use the number 5 energy to your advantage if you focus on creating changes internally before externally. Number 5 is the physical body, so any shifts in exercise or diet will create a strong foundation for the year.

Something as simple as adding oat milk to your diet can improve your health. Starting your day with a few stretching exercises can improve your circulation and posture. It is important for us all to see where the irritation is internally before trying to fix things externally. We all notice when someone is chronically uptight, and when someone is “smooth.” Ask yourself at this time, “How can I create more smoothness in my life, and be more easy-going?” I think there are definitely a few eucalyptus mineral salt baths in that equation!

Take heart, as we are all a part of a greater unfolding of healing for planet Earth. It is not always easy to see or feel this every waking moment, yet the subtle momentum is always there. Many people are waking up, and as you lend a helping hand to another’s journey know that your path of opportunity is being illumined as you take the very next step.

Kind Blessings, Sat Nam, and Happy New Year.

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