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Numerology for February: Steer Clear of the Fog

By Nam Hari Kaur

The month of February 2020 has its share of unique gifts and challenges. As we navigate this time it is important to remember the number 4, which is the overall number for 2020. Number 4 represents the themes of process, structure, and order, along with the ability to remain neutral under pressure. What is imperative with the number 4 is to not skip steps.

As we look at the configuration for February, we have the appearance of double 2’s in the Heart calculation (month of 2 + Gift of 2 = 4). This creates another 4, but by a curious route!

The number 2 can be one of the more emotional numbers, as it represents the “Longing to Belong.” This longing can be experienced on a higher devotional level, or it can take a turn into the world of emotional cravings and near obsession. This will affect us in the area of our relationships, as the number 2 also represents boundaries and our protective good judgement.

February is a time to give situations time and space to unfold, allowing the hidden details to slowly reveal themselves. In the positive polarity the number 2 has a detective-like ability to sort through bits and pieces of information, thereby detecting the subtle or hidden clues.

I am going to use a dramatic example to help illustrate this point. We are all saddened by the recent tragic helicopter crash carrying Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and parents of the team players. As I was exploring the information available at the time of writing this forecast, I was stunned to see that the pilot had requested special permission to fly during foggy weather conditions that helicopter pilots were not normally allowed to fly under. As a footnote to this, the L.A. county Police Dept. had grounded all their helicopters at this time.

The month of February has an emotional charge to it, coupled with a sense of urgency. My point in sharing this story is, “Don’t fly into a fog bank, even with the best of intentions.” Correctly read the environments, along with the people involved, and then take the most protected path.

Your Neutral Mind is your very own saving grace and savior at this time. Learn to train yourself and your children to adopt a more meditative approach to life such as, “I look at the negative, I look at the positive, and I find the balance for my life in the neutral protected path.”

There are 5 “pivot points” this month, and they are the 2nd, 4th, 13th, 20th, and 22nd. These are the dates when new information needs to be integrated into our decision making process. Give yourself plenty of linear and emotional flexibility in February, as you may find people behaving in an erratic or reactive way. This happens when number 2 goes “Super Negative!” Yes, it’s not always a pretty picture, so you may have an occasional “duck and cover” moment.

Here is something to help you transit this time in good spirit. The Antar Naad Kriya gives you a positive projective psyche, as well as protection against any attacks. Practicing this meditation with the video for 40 days will give you a sense of spiritual support. You can have your personal meditation buddy, partners in the Divine!

On the sunny side of February, we have some interesting developments. While our relationships are going through changes and adjustments, there are new connections ready to step into the empty space someone else has left behind.

As this “turnstile effect” is at play, remember to keep a gentle filter in place as you consider your new options. Experiencing an endless re-run of the same old worn-out drama is not the way to enjoy your life. Say to yourself, “I allow for the new and aligned energies to be my companion and destiny help-mate. The Universe supports me in my best life ever!”

Using your words consciously in this 4 year is a way towards greater effectiveness and achievement. The number 4 represents the words we speak, and number 5 is communication (verbal and non-verbal), number 6 is the projective psyche, and number 7 is the voice. Through positive affirmation and mantra you can pave a way towards your goals, dreams and visions.

We are in quite a time, there is no doubt about it. Everything has accelerated, and many people are finding it difficult to keep up with it all. When you find yourself being caught up in the mass acceleration, stop; find a quiet place, and begin to slow your breath down.

Do this for 3 to 5 minutes and you will be able to safe-guard yourself from impulsive thought patterns. Steer clear of foggy vision, and create a clarity in your own mind that leads you towards right action and safety.

These are exciting and energized times we are all in, and by witnessing the polarity of life we can learn to make better choices for ourselves and others. We are all a missing piece of the puzzle to another’s happier life, and by our words, voice, and actions we can create the most beautiful Soul mosaic of mutual support for each other.

May the Angels guide you and bless you, giving safe passage to the fulfillment of your dreams and the longing of your heart. Sat Nam.

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