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Yogic Living: Finding Inner Calm

In these moments of uncertainty, finding meaning and inner calm is challenging.  Emotions are swirling within and without like a gale force wind. They can bind us, blind us and often wrap us in doubt and confusion. We cannot run away. We cannot hide.  

As individuals, communities and organizations everyone is facing a certain degree of living in the unknown and uncertainty. Standing at a threshold of transition is challenging and exciting, a space between what was and what's next.  

We are here to support each of you as a resource to help in navigating uncharted waters. We cannot give you with the magic answer, but we can be here to support you with a technology and practice that brings healing, happiness and strength to thousands of people around the world.  

We are listening.  We are hearing you and we are here to serve you in whatever way we can. 

In gratitude, 3HO will continue to share with you the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. It works and we will continue to provide classes and workshops taught by great Kundalini teachers to give each of us a pathway to navigate through these challenging times.

Thank you for showing up to be part of this community.  Thank you for your generous donations to continue to make our programs and offerings possible. 


Kundalini Yoga Technology

Alternate Nostril Breathing
This simple yet most powerful technique is a pranayam that is easy to do, and it creates a deep sense of well-being and harmony on the physical, mental, and emotional levels. It is integrating and grounding. When we breathe long and deeply through alternate nostrils, the whole nervous system is soothed, calmed and energized simultaneously. This pranayama is extremely helpful when we feel off-center and we still must function in the everyday world.

Meditation to Bless Yourself
Start living consciously. Become a human being. Be humble, serviceful, kind, compassionate. Your power to heal is in how much anger you have forgiven yourself for.

Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart
To heal the emotional wounds of the heart, we need to bring calm to the nerves that hold the wound. We know that a break in relationship (to others or to our Self) has almost identical reactions in the nervous system and brain as a physical injury or loss of limb. This meditation is very relaxing if you understand it. The autonomic system will relax and your breath will automatically move toward a meditative pace to renew and relax your heart and mind.

Smiling Budha Kriya
“When we feel that we truly and appropriately have experienced the totality of our grief and decide that it is time to look forward, Smiling Buddha meditation may be considered as a technology to provide maximum transformation. Smiling Buddha Meditation is extremely effective in providing the means to elevate ourselves to maximize our luminescence as humans. It is a meditation for repairing and opening the heart center. When the heart is open you can only feel elevated and blissfully fulfilled." - Sewa Singh

Pittra Kriya
This kriya is fantastic for releasing stress. It has a long history in India. When people were filled with grief over the death of a loved one or a tragedy of some sort, they did this first exercise standing in a river. Rivers were seen as the flow of life, as sacred and healing. They would toss the water over their shoulder. The yogis knew that the brain had to be restarted, broken out of the frozen state that stress produces. This kriya works best if practiced regularly for a while. Even if you do this practice without a river and without belief in anything but your own Infinite Self, it works wonders. 

The last Resort Meditation
"This is a deeply personal meditation—one you practice when it’s not quite working to seek the answers anywhere outside of yourself. Through a powerful combination of breath, mantra, and deep focus, this meditation brings you into an intimate conversation and relationship with your soul and your infinity capacity. You become your best. A great side benefit is that you build tremendous breath capacity by practicing it. Give it a try and see how it works for you." - Dev Suroop Kaur

From the Blog

Summer Recipes for Yogis by Siri Ved Kaur
Yogic cooking is based on a very simple truth: "We are what we eat." We are what we allow into our selves, whether it is food, sounds, the air we breathe, the thoughts we dwell on, the discipline we let into our lives, or the devotion we allow to grow in our hearts. 

Numerology  for August by Nam Hari Kaur
The month of August is a time to re-energize ourselves for the days ahead. Since the beginning of 2020 we have all been through so much, as the world is changing beneath our feet. We need to recharge ourselves mentally, physically, spiritually and socially, focusing more of our mental energy on the positive, and less on the negative.

Breathe Pause Listen
Right now our communities are doing listening tours and opening up spaces to hear each other, to be heard and seen and witnessed. We are opening our hearts to one another in new expanded ways. But what happens when stress, fear, anger, heartbreak or controlling come forward in our listening? 

Social Justice Resources

Don't miss this week's anti-racism homework! By sharing these resources, we hope to help inspire our spiritual community to join us as we work towards a world of true equality, equity and justice for all.  Get Resources here for Social Justice & Anti-Racism initiatives including books to read, courses to take, videos to watch, podcasts to listen to and ways to get involved in changing our world.