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Numerology Forecast for October 2013: The Perfect Storm

By Nam Hari Kaur

October is a time of highly mixed emotions, combined with a desire to run away from anything or anyone who tries to confront or control us. There is a maniacal momentum that is gaining ground, and it is screaming under its breath, “Don’t listen to them, they don’t know any better than you.”

The number 10 of October represents the themes of authority, control, and dominance.

Because of a unique configuration in the sub-layers of the monthly cycle, we have an environment for what is called the “perfect storm.” Conflict with those in authority will run rampant, and this will also occur in family households.

People will be feeling highly intolerant, and it will not take very much effort to provoke someone into a strong reaction. This is occurring not only because of the extra edge the number 10 is bringing to October, but additionally, the Sun of our solar system is in the process of a magnetic pole shift. This pole shift is real science, just so you know, and not something downloaded from the Voodoo Kryptonite Channel.

Every 11 years the Sun reorganizes and shifts the magnetic energies of its north and south pole. During this process (which we are in now), there is something called a “current sheet,” which is an electromagnetic wave of energy that emanates from the Sun’s equator. The current sheet becomes very wavy during the shifting process, and our planet Earth in its orbit passes through this electromagnetic wave.

In the month of October this wave will have a particularly unsettling effect upon people, specifically causing mental confusion and a pendulum-like swing of emotional instability. It will be very challenging for some people to maintain their neutrality in the last quarter of the year. There is an increased risk of war at hand, and every human being upon rising, and before going to bed at night should say, ”Let there be peace on this Earth.” We, as a humanity, can create an intention vortex for the themes of peace and restoration.

Let’s now look at strategies for navigating this particularly combustable time period. First of all, remember, “Silence is Golden.” This is a very yogic and spiritual approach to a static situation. Yogi Bhajan has said, “If your presence doesn’t work, nothing works.”

Secondly, know where your involvement is required/appreciated, and where it is not. Every glass of spilt milk does not have your name on it to clean up.

Thirdly, when you do have to step up to the plate to resolve a situation, know that nothing can be worked out till the other person trusts you. Trust is a tricky terrain this month, and it will be very difficult to gain or maintain it. This is because of the presence of the number 7 in the Base calculation, by way of Significant number 16. The number 16 represents issues of forgiveness, and many people will be processing through old wounds of broken trust—therefore, the need to forgive. The “kicker” is, as you may recall, the Sun’s magnetic poles are shifting, so forgiveness may feel like trying to juggle machetes while roller skating. How will we pull through?

Our own inner stability is the priceless jewel these days, and if you are not feeling stable you should retreat and regenerate. One of the best ways to regenerate yourself is through the breath, and this can be achieved through the “Whistling Ardas Bhaee Meditation.” While listening to the instrumental version of the Ardas Bhaee mantra (Healing Sounds of the Ancients, #5), you simply whistle along with the music. Yogi Bhajan has said of this practice, “It changes the rhythmic psyche of the human into progressive, and gives the human ten points.” (1/10/98) “This is such a powerful prayer, if you can whistle it, it does what nothing else can do.” (12/31/96)

Looking again to the number 7 of the Base calculation, it is important to note that 7 is the Water element. Drink lots of water this month, and remember to give your children extra water too. If you have had an especially hectic day, and can feel the steam coming out of your ears as you walk up the front steps of your home, make a bee-line for the bathroom and jump into the shower. The water will cleanse your electro-magnetic field, and help to rinse away the stress of the day.

Have a big pitcher of mint tea available in the refrigerator, and you can add fresh lemon for an extra cooling effect. A cooling food for the liver and kidneys is cucumber, and with a little oil and vinegar salad dressing or pesto, can be quite tasty.

This is a world of polarity, and if we are to experience the now wavy “current sheet” emanating from the Sun’s equator, let us individually and collectively create a different kind of current. In the words of Yogi Bhajan, ”The sound current (Naad) has an infinite power on God. It can bind God. It has the power. It is the only power which is given to the human to excel.” (8/8/90)

Now is the time to know and trust that the higher powers of the Universe are for and with us. Challenge brings change, and this transit time of change will bring a new opportunity to those who have the awareness to perceive it. Be kind to yourself, and align with the creative forces of the Universe through the sound current of Infinity.

You will then be carried to your right destination. Sat Nam.

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