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Names and Pronunciations

As you view the list of names, please understand that there may be more than one way to spell each one. This is because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi* alphabet to the English alphabet. (Note: Most of these spiritual names are from the Gurbani** language.)
The emphasis of your spiritual name is on how it is pronounced, so it is important to use the correct naad (sound current), when speaking your name, and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your spiritual name, but remember, the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.

Please listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Start pronouncing your name slowly, feel it, and let it resonate within you.
Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female (Singh or Kaur), except as indicated.  The few names that can only be used for one gender or the other are indicated by having Singh or Kaur added to them in this list.

*Gurmukhi is the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs
** Gurbani is the sacred language of the Sikhs

JaapListen to Jaap
Jaap AnandListen to Jaap Anand
Jaap BhagatListen to Jaap Bhagat
Jaap DevaListen to Jaap Deva
Jaap DeviListen to Jaap Devi
Jaap DharamListen to Jaap Dharam
Jaap InderListen to Jaap Inder
Jaap IndraListen to Jaap Indra
Jaap KirtanListen to Jaap Kirtan
Jaap MiranterListen to Jaap Miranter
Jaap NamListen to Jaap Nam
Jaap SevaListen to Jaap Seva
Jaap ShaktiListen to Jaap Shakti
Jaap ShantiListen to Jaap Shanti
JaapbirListen to Jaapbir
JaapdevListen to Jaapdev
JaapdhirListen to Jaapdhir
JaapjeetListen to Jaapjeet
JaapleenListen to Jaapleen
JaapmantListen to Jaapmant
JaapneetListen to Jaapneet
JaganListen to Jagan
Jagan NathListen to Jagan Nath
JagatListen to Jagat
Jagat DayaListen to Jagat Daya
Jagat GuruListen to Jagat Guru
Jagat JeetListen to Jagat Jeet
Jagat JotListen to Jagat Jot
Jagat NamListen to Jagat Nam
Jagat ParamListen to Jagat Param
Jagat PrakashListen to Jagat Prakash
Jagat PremListen to Jagat Prem
Jagat PritiListen to Jagat Priti
Jagat PriyaListen to Jagat Priya
Jagat SimranListen to Jagat Simran
JagatjeetListen to Jagatjeet
JagatmeetListen to Jagatmeet
JagatpalListen to Jagatpal
JagatpreetListen to Jagatpreet
JagbirListen to Jagbir
JagdeepListen to Jagdeep
JagdeeshListen to Jagdeesh
JagdeshListen to Jagdesh
JagdevListen to Jagdev
JageshListen to Jagesh
JagirListen to Jagir
JagjeetListen to Jagjeet
Jagjeet PremListen to Jagjeet Prem
Jagjit PrakashListen to Jagjit Prakash
JagjodhListen to Jagjodh
JagjotListen to Jagjot
JagjotiListen to Jagjoti
JagmeetListen to Jagmeet
JagmeherListen to Jagmeher
JagmohanListen to Jagmohan
JagpalListen to Jagpal
JagpreetListen to Jagpreet
JagpremListen to Jagprem
JagrajListen to Jagraj
JagratanListen to Jagratan
JagroopListen to Jagroop
JagseetalListen to Jagseetal
JagtarListen to Jagtar
JagtaranListen to Jagtaran
JagtekListen to Jagtek
JaiListen to Jai
Jai AmanListen to Jai Aman
Jai AnandListen to Jai Anand
Jai ArvindListen to Jai Arvind
Jai BhaktiListen to Jai Bhakti
Jai DeepListen to Jai Deep
Jai DevListen to Jai Dev
Jai DevaListen to Jai Deva
Jai DeviListen to Jai Devi
Jai DevtaListen to Jai Devta
Jai DharamListen to Jai Dharam
Jai DharmaListen to Jai Dharma
Jai GobindListen to Jai Gobind
Jai GopalListen to Jai Gopal
Jai GurudevListen to Jai Gurudev
Jai HariListen to Jai Hari
Jai InderListen to Jai Inder
Jai IndraListen to Jai Indra
Jai JagdeeshListen to Jai Jagdeesh
Jai JagdeshListen to Jai Jagdesh
Jai JaiListen to Jai Jai
Jai JeetListen to Jai Jeet
Jai Jeet SangeetListen to Jai Jeet Sangeet
Jai JotListen to Jai Jot
Jai KartaListen to Jai Karta
Jai KartarListen to Jai Kartar
Jai KirinListen to Jai Kirin
Jai KirtanListen to Jai Kirtan
Jai KirtiListen to Jai Kirti
Jai KrishanListen to Jai Krishan
Jai MahanListen to Jai Mahan
Jai NarayanListen to Jai Narayan
Jai PalListen to Jai Pal
Jai PrakashListen to Jai Prakash
Jai PritamListen to Jai Pritam
Jai PritiListen to Jai Priti
Jai PuranListen to Jai Puran
Jai RamListen to Jai Ram
Jai RatanListen to Jai Ratan
Jai RaviListen to Jai Ravi
Jai SangatListen to Jai Sangat
Jai SangeetaListen to Jai Sangeeta
Jai SatyaListen to Jai Satya
Jai SevaListen to Jai Seva
Jai Te GungListen to Jai Te Gung
Jai TeganiListen to Jai Tegani
Jai TeganyListen to Jai Tegany
Jai TeraListen to Jai Tera
Jai VedListen to Jai Ved
JaichandraListen to Jaichandra
JaideepListen to Jaideep
JaijeetListen to Jaijeet
JaijiwanListen to Jaijiwan
JaikarListen to Jaikar
JaipreetListen to Jaipreet
JairajListen to Jairaj
JairoopListen to Jairoop
JaitegListen to Jaiteg
JaiwantListen to Jaiwant
Jan InderListen to Jan Inder
Jan IndraListen to Jan Indra
Jan SevListen to Jan Sev
JandeepListen to Jandeep
JandevListen to Jandev
JanjiwanListen to Janjiwan
JanjotListen to Janjot
JanpalListen to Janpal
JanprakashListen to Janprakash
JanpriyaListen to Janpriya
JanrajListen to Janraj
JansevakListen to Jansevak
JantejListen to Jantej
Jap KirtanListen to Jap Kirtan
Jap KirtiListen to Jap Kirti
JapaListen to Japa
Japa PremListen to Japa Prem
Jas KiranListen to Jas Kiran
Jas TeraListen to Jas Tera
JasandeepListen to Jasandeep
JasanjeetListen to Jasanjeet
JasanjotListen to Jasanjot
JasanmeetListen to Jasanmeet
JasanpreetListen to Jasanpreet
JasbhagatListen to Jasbhagat
JasbirListen to Jasbir
JasdayalListen to Jasdayal
JasdeepListen to Jasdeep
JasjeetListen to Jasjeet
JasjeevListen to Jasjeev
JasjinderListen to Jasjinder
JasjotListen to Jasjot
JaskamalListen to Jaskamal
JaskaramListen to Jaskaram
JaskaranListen to Jaskaran
JaskiratListen to Jaskirat
JaskiretListen to Jaskiret
JaskirinListen to Jaskirin
JaskirpalListen to Jaskirpal
JaskirtanListen to Jaskirtan
JasleenListen to Jasleen
JasmailListen to Jasmail
JasmeherListen to Jasmeher
JasmohanListen to Jasmohan
JasmukhandListen to Jasmukhand
JasnamListen to Jasnam
JaspalListen to Jaspal
JaspinderListen to Jaspinder
JaspriyaListen to Jaspriya
JasrajListen to Jasraj
JasroopListen to Jasroop
JastaranListen to Jastaran
JastejListen to Jastej
JastekListen to Jastek
JastinderListen to Jastinder
JasvantListen to Jasvant
JasvinderListen to Jasvinder
JasvirListen to Jasvir
JavpremListen to Javprem
JeetListen to Jeet
Jeet BeantListen to Jeet Beant
Jeet KamalListen to Jeet Kamal
Jeet KirinListen to Jeet Kirin
Jeet KirnListen to Jeet Kirn
Jeet NishanListen to Jeet Nishan
JeetpalListen to Jeetpal
JeetpremListen to Jeetprem
Jivan AmritListen to Jivan Amrit
Jivan SatyaListen to Jivan Satya
Jivan SimranListen to Jivan Simran
JiwanListen to Jiwan
Jiwan AkalListen to Jiwan Akal
Jiwan AmritaListen to Jiwan Amrita
Jiwan BhagtiListen to Jiwan Bhagti
Jiwan DevaListen to Jiwan Deva
Jiwan DeviListen to Jiwan Devi
Jiwan GianListen to Jiwan Gian
Jiwan JotListen to Jiwan Jot
Jiwan KamalListen to Jiwan Kamal
Jiwan KirtanListen to Jiwan Kirtan
Jiwan KirtiListen to Jiwan Kirti
Jiwan MukhListen to Jiwan Mukh
Jiwan MuktaListen to Jiwan Mukta
Jiwan NamListen to Jiwan Nam
Jiwan PrakashListen to Jiwan Prakash
Jiwan PreetListen to Jiwan Preet
Jiwan PremListen to Jiwan Prem
Jiwan SevaListen to Jiwan Seva
Jiwan ShabadListen to Jiwan Shabad
Jiwan ShaktiListen to Jiwan Shakti
Jiwan ShantiListen to Jiwan Shanti
Jiwan SunderListen to Jiwan Sunder
JiwanbirListen to Jiwanbir
JiwanjeetListen to Jiwanjeet
JiwanpalListen to Jiwanpal
JiwanpremListen to Jiwanprem
JiwanroopListen to Jiwanroop
JodhListen to Jodh
JodhaListen to Jodha
Jodha RajListen to Jodha Raj
Jodha RamListen to Jodha Ram
Jodha SimranListen to Jodha Simran
JodhbirListen to Jodhbir
JodhpalListen to Jodhpal
JodhpriyaListen to Jodhpriya
Jog PrakashListen to Jog Prakash
JogdhyanListen to Jogdhyan
JoginderListen to Joginder
JotListen to Jot
Jot AkalListen to Jot Akal
Jot AkashListen to Jot Akash
Jot AnandListen to Jot Anand
Jot ArdasListen to Jot Ardas
Jot AvtarListen to Jot Avtar
Jot BachanListen to Jot Bachan
Jot BaniListen to Jot Bani
Jot BhaktiListen to Jot Bhakti
Jot DarshanListen to Jot Darshan
Jot DeviListen to Jot Devi
Jot DharamListen to Jot Dharam
Jot DyalListen to Jot Dyal
Jot KaramListen to Jot Karam
Jot KirtanListen to Jot Kirtan
Jot KrishanListen to Jot Krishan
Jot MeherListen to Jot Meher
Jot NarayanListen to Jot Narayan
Jot NirmalListen to Jot Nirmal
Jot NishanListen to Jot Nishan
Jot NiwasListen to Jot Niwas
Jot PrakashListen to Jot Prakash
Jot PuranListen to Jot Puran
Jot SadhanaListen to Jot Sadhana
Jot SaroopListen to Jot Saroop
Jot SavitriListen to Jot Savitri
Jot SevaListen to Jot Seva
Jot SimranListen to Jot Simran
Jot SunderListen to Jot Sunder
Jot TejListen to Jot Tej
Jot VedyaListen to Jot Vedya
JotbirListen to Jotbir
JotdeepListen to Jotdeep
JotdevListen to Jotdev
JotiListen to Joti
Joti AmritListen to Joti Amrit
Joti AnandListen to Joti Anand
Joti ArvindListen to Joti Arvind
Joti AtmaListen to Joti Atma
Joti CharanListen to Joti Charan
Joti GianListen to Joti Gian
Joti KamalListen to Joti Kamal
Joti KaramListen to Joti Karam
Joti PuranListen to Joti Puran
Joti SangatListen to Joti Sangat
Joti SooryaListen to Joti Soorya
JotipalListen to Jotipal
JotleenListen to Jotleen
JotpreetListen to Jotpreet
JotroopListen to Jotroop