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Names and Pronunciations

As you view the list of names, please understand that there may be more than one way to spell each one. This is because there is not a direct transliteration from the Gurmukhi* alphabet to the English alphabet. (Note: Most of these spiritual names are from the Gurbani** language.)
The emphasis of your spiritual name is on how it is pronounced, so it is important to use the correct naad (sound current), when speaking your name, and when teaching others how to pronounce it. Whatever spelling makes the most sense to YOU, and helps you and other people to pronounce your name correctly, is the best spelling to use. We have suggested a common way to spell your spiritual name, but remember, the most important thing is the correct pronunciation.

Please listen carefully to the sound byte (pronunciation) of your spiritual name. Start pronouncing your name slowly, feel it, and let it resonate within you.
Note that most of these spiritual names can be used by either a male or a female (Singh or Kaur), except as indicated.  The few names that can only be used for one gender or the other are indicated by having Singh or Kaur added to them in this list.

*Gurmukhi is the alphabet of the sacred language of the Sikhs
** Gurbani is the sacred language of the Sikhs

KalyanListen to Kalyan
KamalListen to Kamal
Kamal CharanListen to Kamal Charan
Kamal DasListen to Kamal Das
Kamal InderListen to Kamal Inder
Kamal JagatListen to Kamal Jagat
Kamal NamListen to Kamal Nam
Kamal PuranListen to Kamal Puran
Kamal ShaktiListen to Kamal Shakti
KamalbirListen to Kamalbir
KamalcharanListen to Kamalcharan
KamaldeepListen to Kamaldeep
KamaldevListen to Kamaldev
KamaljitListen to Kamaljit
KamaljotListen to Kamaljot
KamalpalListen to Kamalpal
KamalpatiListen to Kamalpati
KamalprakashListen to Kamalprakash
KamalpreetListen to Kamalpreet
KamalpremListen to Kamalprem
KamalpriyaListen to Kamalpriya
KamalroopListen to Kamalroop
KamalwantListen to Kamalwant
KanwalListen to Kanwal
KanwalbirListen to Kanwalbir
KanwaljitListen to Kanwaljit
KanwaljotListen to Kanwaljot
KanwalpremListen to Kanwalprem
Kanwar PremListen to Kanwar Prem
KanwarbirListen to Kanwarbir
KanwarpalListen to Kanwarpal
KaramListen to Karam
Karam DevaListen to Karam Deva
Karam DeviListen to Karam Devi
Karam MeetListen to Karam Meet
Karam PreetListen to Karam Preet
KarambirListen to Karambir
KaramdeepListen to Karamdeep
KaramdevListen to Karamdev
KaramjeetListen to Karamjeet
KaramjotListen to Karamjot
KarampalListen to Karampal
KarampreetListen to Karampreet
KarampremListen to Karamprem
KaramroopListen to Karamroop
KaramsukhListen to Karamsukh
KaramwantListen to Karamwant
KaranListen to Karan
Karan AtmaListen to Karan Atma
Karan InderListen to Karan Inder
KaranbirListen to Karanbir
KarandeepListen to Karandeep
KaranjeetListen to Karanjeet
KaranjotListen to Karanjot
KaranpalListen to Karanpal
KaranpreetListen to Karanpreet
KariangListen to Kariang
KaringListen to Karing
Karn KaranListen to Karn Karan
KartaListen to Karta
Karta AmritListen to Karta Amrit
Karta JotListen to Karta Jot
Karta PrakashListen to Karta Prakash
Karta PurakhListen to Karta Purakh
KartarListen to Kartar
Kartar JotListen to Kartar Jot
Kartar PrakashListen to Kartar Prakash
Kartar SimranListen to Kartar Simran
KavitaListen to Kavita
KayvalListen to Kayval
KeeratListen to Keerat
KeharListen to Kehar
KeharbirListen to Keharbir
KeherbirListen to Keherbir
Keval DharamListen to Keval Dharam
Keval ShabadListen to Keval Shabad
Keval ShantiListen to Keval Shanti
KevalnamListen to Kevalnam
KewalListen to Kewal
KewaldeepListen to Kewaldeep
KewaljeetListen to Kewaljeet
KewaljotListen to Kewaljot
KewalpreetListen to Kewalpreet
KhalsaListen to Khalsa
KhemListen to Khem
KhempalListen to Khempal
KhempreetListen to Khempreet
KheshjeetListen to Kheshjeet
KhushbirListen to Khushbir
KhushdevListen to Khushdev
KhushmeetListen to Khushmeet
KhushpreetListen to Khushpreet
KhushwantListen to Khushwant
KirandeepListen to Kirandeep
KiretListen to Kiret
KiretdeepListen to Kiretdeep
KirinListen to Kirin
KirinjeetListen to Kirinjeet
KirinroopListen to Kirinroop
KirnListen to Kirn
Kirn BirListen to Kirn Bir
Kirn JotListen to Kirn Jot
Kirn RamListen to Kirn Ram
KirpaListen to Kirpa
KirpalListen to Kirpal
Kirpal AtmaListen to Kirpal Atma
Kirpal GianListen to Kirpal Gian
Kirpal JotiListen to Kirpal Joti
KirtanListen to Kirtan
Kirtan RajListen to Kirtan Raj
Kirtan SevaListen to Kirtan Seva
KirtiListen to Kirti
KrishanListen to Krishan
Krishan DevListen to Krishan Dev
Krishan DevaListen to Krishan Deva
Krishan PartapListen to Krishan Partap
Krishan PrakashListen to Krishan Prakash
Krishan PremListen to Krishan Prem
Krishan RamListen to Krishan Ram
Krishan SevaListen to Krishan Seva
Krishan ShivaListen to Krishan Shiva
KrishnaListen to Krishna
KudratListen to Kudrat
KulbirListen to Kulbir
KuldeepListen to Kuldeep
KuldevListen to Kuldev
KuljeetListen to Kuljeet
KuljitListen to Kuljit
KuljotListen to Kuljot
KulpreetListen to Kulpreet
KulpremListen to Kulprem
KulrajListen to Kulraj
KultarListen to Kultar
KultaranListen to Kultaran
KulwantListen to Kulwant
KushpalListen to Kushpal
KushpremListen to Kushprem