Activities and Resources at Camp

Sat Nam,

During the time of Covid, 3HO is moving all events online. Click here for information about our online Winter Solstice for 2020.


Resources Available for Families at Ram Das Puri

Sukh Nivas

For pregnant mothers and parents with babies, there is an air-conditioned tent which provides a nurturing environment for parents and their children.

Parenting and Relationship Classes for Parents

Certain classes are being offered specifically for parents. See your program (when you arrive) for details.

Solstice Youth Camp will be in session during parenting classes. Please take advantage of this opportunity, drop your children off at Youth Camp and attend the classes.


There is a Hospitality area on at camp. If you’re new to Solstice, go to the Hospitality area for more information and any assistance you need. Same goes if you’re not new to Solstice!


There is an above ground pool at Ram Das Puri. It will be open during camp days as well as non-camp days for parents to enjoy with their children. The pool will be staffed with a certified lifeguard. Please check program schedule for pool opening times.

You are welcome to bring your children to the pool, but you must stay with them if they are under the age of 12.

Anyone found in the pool during unscheduled hours risks loosing pool privileges for the remainder of the event. Repeated violations will result in the loss of your event pass without refund. 

First Aid

There is a First Aid trailer on site. The First Aid trailer has items such as band-aids, sunscreen and eyedrops. There are also nurses and 2 New Mexico-licensed doctors on duty/on call at all times. For situations that require serious medical attention, First Aid will help you get to the nearest hospital, which is 30 min by car.