Transition from Solstice to Women's Camp

Sat Nam,

In 2021, during this time of COVID, 3HO will be offering a full schedule of online events.  We will miss being together in person, but we hope you will join us to experience dynamic Kundalini classes, morning sadhanas, concerts, and connection with your Kundalini community from around the world.  All from the comfort of your home. See our Online Events Calendar here.

Everyone attending Women's Camp tents in Shakti Valley (unless staying offsite for health reasons). If you camp in a different area during Solstice, please move your tent to Shakti Valley by noon on Saturday, June 27th. Please also mark your tent with a sign that says 'Women's Camp' and/or orange tape that can be picked up from Hospitality on the last Friday of Solstice. This is important so that the Solstice clean-up crew doesn't dismantle your tent!

Support for Women Attending Both Solstice and Women's Camp

We would like to support you in your transition from Solstice to Women's Camp for those attending both events.

We offer meals in between events, but we do ask for a suggested donation of $20 since this isn't covered in your event cost.  You can donate for meals when you register for Women's Camp.

We also offer a transportation service on both Saturday and Sunday for those women who will not be renting a vehicle. You can sign up for this service when you register. Here is the plan for both days:

Saturday, June 27nd - Meet at the Siri Singh Sahib Cabin at 12:30 pm.

Please have lunch at Ram Das Puri before meeting the Hospitality Manager at the Siri Singh Sahib Cabin. Once everyone is together, she'll take you to Walmart for some light shopping for supplies, to the laundromat to do laundry and then to Yogi Bhajan's Ranch for dinner. Please bring money for laundry and any shopping you need to do.

Sunday, June 28th - Meet at the Siri Singh Sahib Cabin at 9:00 am.

The Hospitality Manager will take you to the Espanola Ashram for Gurdwara and Langar (lunch), followed by a trip to Ojo Caliente. Please bring money for Ojo Caliente.