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Yogi Bhajan Answers Miscellaneous Questions

Q: You said something earlier about the atomic makeup of the human changing in the Age of Aquarius?

A: The Age will change. Your menstrual cycle will change. Your cells and the inner atomic energy of the atom will change. Your projection and sensory projection will change. Your feelings, your dreams, your thoughts will change. Everything is going to change upside-down. Nothing will be the same.

Q: Does it happen just like, “boom”?

No, no, slowly. And in the process you will be hammered and chiseled. An Age never changes quickly. (9/22/02)

Q: Do you think that human nature has changed in the last 3,000 years?

A: Human nature changes every second. Every moment the longitude and latitude changes; the altitude and attitude of the human changes. The fastest changing mammal is the human. (9/22/02)

Q: Will you talk about the ancient gong?

A: The gong creates the sound, which projects you out of your realm to Infinity, provided you know how to play it. (9/22/02)