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Yogi Bhajan Lecture: Happy 31st Anniversary to 3HO!

Excerpts from a lecture by Yogi Bhajan on January 5, 2000

It is the 5th of January, 2000. It is the change of the Age into another era. Today we are celebrating 3HO's birthday. Something which seeded deep into the consciousness of America and millions and millions of young people had an evolution of revolt. They wanted higher consciousness. And along with that struggle came the idea that drugs are a drag, where the consciousness can be altered. People don't believe (and they are very unfortunate), that they can develop the brain normally through meditation. Instead they alter and damage the body by extra activity of the brain and put pressure on it with drugs.

This is the story of the world from beginning to end—even today the same thing is happening. Every human wants an easy way to develop a realization for one's own self to have a high altitude and attitude of life to find the big horizon. That's the principal happiness, joy, and virtue of the body. But all can't do it.

Many years ago, we all started functioning toward one thing: we want to experience, we want to grow, we want to see. The nation revolted. The revolution was so powerful and the impact was so wonderful that everywhere in the United States and Europe people started flowering and blossoming and we started calling them flower kids. And from that we grew up and kept going and later on we became very successful citizens of every area.

3HO Foundation (Healthy, Happy, Holy Organization) came into existence and it started giving people power, projects of power, self-control with their own power. It was actually self-improvement, self-empowerment, self-knowledge and self-experience.

We are now marching forward to that era when this Information Age will broil down everybody to a reality, and every person will recognize that fact is to act for higher self. It will not be the fact now to build more earthly facilities, and just become isolated and corner yourself as much as you can. We have already crossed seven years of the cusp, 13 more years are left.

Technically speaking, this Information Age will be very difficult for a few people to handle because everybody knows everything. So there'll be no place but to control one's ego and one's projection and one's requirement in life.

One has to be "truth-bound" through the sense there's nothing wrong in the world if your mind does not tell you that you are wrong. There's nothing wrong in the world if your mind can dialogue and come to a mutual understanding. There's nothing wrong in this world if you do not hate somebody, undermine somebody, and you have no superiority conflict and put another person into inferiority complex. There's nothing wrong if you value yourself and price yourself gracefully. There's nothing wrong if you do not undermine your own grace, your own commitment, your own character. And there is nothing wrong if you understand Ang Sang Wahe Guru – God is with you. Then the Universe will come along with you.

Let beauty not become your enemy and make you a selling prostitute in the hands of those who have low-grade life. And all men of intelligence have to develop their mental capacity for meditative identity so they can see through what is coming in the time. We cannot undergo low-grade existence and call ourselves human. This is it. You have to be "to be," and you have to understand that's the way the Age of Aquarius is.

Today you have to sit and follow. You have to go to the subtlety of the deep meaning of the Shabad Guru to understand its personality. You have to act in your personality with such a vastness of brightness that everybody should recognize your reality as it is. You cannot blame your father and mother and environments; you walk on your own legs, too. Two legs make you walk. It's not the four legs of the parents walking with you.

Every person has his own destiny, distance, and destination. And we have to be healthy, happy, and holy. We have nine holes, but there's a tenth. "Tenth Gate" they call it. It must command your nine holes to see what you receive and how you operate. Just learn good manners and good behavior. Healthy manners and healthy behavior is the source of happiness. And nobody loses in this.

I have seen people blaming their parents. I have seen people blaming the environments, blaming their relationships, blaming everybody. So sorry to tell you, these people are just on a suicide track. You cannot blame anybody. You can claim everybody. You have to reach out and heal people; you have to reach out and touch people. You have to mend your relationships, you have to adjust yourself, you have to build in yourself the unisonness of the human mind—psychologically and sociologically give beautiful smiles and songs to each other. You have to come to grips with the reality of the coming time. You cannot avoid it. Therefore let us walk ahead of it. Be united, getting together please, holding each other's hands for the best of tomorrow. It is my prayer that you will brightly bridge the life into beauty, bounty, and bliss.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan